Juhachiro with hot-spring baths, located in Gifu, Japan. 2 hours from Tokyo by bullet train & rapid train.
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Hot Springs


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Large Public Baths at Juhachiro

Enjoy nature’s blessing -- Japanese hot springs

Enjoy Juhachiro’s two large public baths: “Kawa-no-ne” and “Kawa-no-se” in the morning and in the evening.

The “Kawa-no-ne” bathhouse opened in 2005. Our public bath with a superb view, “Kura-no-yu,” opened in 2012. When the “Kawa-no-se” bathhouse was renovated and opened to the public in May 2013, Juhachiro’s special and aesthetically pleasing public baths were fully completed.

While enjoying cool breezes from the clear Nagara River, enjoy all of our special baths as often as you like.

※ Please do not wear underwear or swimwear in the bathrooms. No towels are allowed in the bathtub itself. Thank you for your cooperation.

Kawa-no-se Kawa-no-ne Kura-no-yu


“Kawa-no-se:” the second floor public bathhouse from which one can enjoy a view of the Nagara River and the hot springs.

A panoramic view overlooking the beautiful Nagara River from these large public baths represents the typical scenery of Japan.
You will be able to thoroughly relax by soaking in this natural hot spring coming from a deep underground source. Enjoy the blend of traditional beauty and a modern Japanese atmosphere.

Indoor observation public bath

Please relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Nagara river.

Indoor observation public bath
We use clear glass walls that enable you to see the beautiful scenery from our public bath.Please enjoy two different types of baths which are herbal bath and silky bath. The herbal bath is used ten kinds of herbs.The silky bath is esthetic using micro bubble. The walls are used Mino Japanese paper to create atmosphere of elegance and beauty.
We hope you relax in our indoor observation public bath.

Indoor bath with a view

Have a relaxing time while enjoying the panoramic view of the Nagara River

Our indoor bath is surrounded by glass walls and gives an open feeling to our guests. Inside this area, two baths are available: a herbal bath with 10 different types of herbal extracts mixed into the water and a silky bath with very tiny bubbles which will give you the feeling of being wrapped in smooth silk. “Mino paper” is used as the wallpaper, adding a special touch to the elegance. Both baths are equally effective for total body relaxation.
Changing room
In the changing room, basic skin care items are available for our guests to use, as well as a crib for babies. Please feel free to use these items as needed.


Unique and special historical space only available at Juhachiro


Earthen storehouses used to be a symbol of wealth, and “Kura-no-yu” is a luxurious public bath established in a 120-year old earthen storehouse. You will never see anything similar to this anywhere else in Japan. Learn more about Juhachiro’s history as a timber selling business and enjoy the traditional style and luxury of the architectural materials, as well as the terra-cotta colored natural hot spring.


“Kawa-no-ne:” first floor public bathhouse from which one can enjoy traditional Japanese architectural views.


You will definitely have a relaxing time in this extremely spacious bathhouse while viewing the sophisticated architectural design.
It is luxurious to soak in a stone bathtub in a bathhouse made from fragrant cypress logs. With an assortment of various styles of baths, we offer our guests a relaxing atmosphere for both their minds and bodies.

Open-air Kiso stone bath
An open-air bath with Japan’s traditional beauty elegantly designed into the entire bathhouse. The ceiling is made from Takayama cypress, and Kiso stone is used for the open-air bathtub with jets to ease your fatigue. Enjoy the most luxurious time in a relaxed atmosphere while gazing at the beautiful Nagara River.
Indoor baths: Herbal bath/Silky bath/Shallow Depth Bath

Herbal baths have been used for a very long time in Japan to ensure good health. This bath is also called a medicinal water and has aromatherapy benefits. In our herbal bath, we use mixed herbs under the supervision of a professor of Gifu Pharmaceutical University. This type of bath is highly effective as a remedy for fatigue.

In the silky bath, micro bubbles are generated to give you a gentle, smooth feeling like being wrapped in silk. Bubbles also remove impurities in the pores, so it has an aesthetic effect on your entire body. Your skin will be softer and hydrated. Enjoy this new bathtime sensation.

Beneficial Effects of Nagaragawa Onsen

【Type of Spring】
Simple iron cold mineral spring (neutral and hypotonic cold mineral spring)
The spring is effective for nerve pain, muscle pain, joint pain, tightness in the shoulders, motor paralysis, stiff joints, bruises, sprains, hemorrhoids, excessive sensitivity to cold, recovery from illness, fatigue recovery, and overall improvement of health.

The spring of Nagaragawa Onsen is cloudy terracotta-colored and contains high quality iron and beneficial levels of radon.
The Nagaragawa Onsen was selected as one of the best 100 onsens (hot springs) in Japan in 2012 in Kankokeizai News Corporation's “Nippon-no Onsen Hyakusen.”