Juhachiro with hot-spring baths, located in Gifu, Japan. 2 hours from Tokyo by bullet train & rapid train. Juhachiro Japanese English 繁体中文 简体中文
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  • Juhachiro Hot Springs
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  • Juhachiro Rooms
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  • Juhachiro Meals
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  • Juhachiro Ukai/Comorant Fishing
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The Ryokan a professional of travel chose

Great Service Ryokan and Hotel Prize

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Juhachiro is a traditional Japanese-style hotel (Ryokan in Japanese)
located in Gifu Prefecture, the geographical center of Japan.

Mt. Kinka stands high in the center of Gifu City.
Gifu Castle, where samurai warriors who were governing Japan used to live,
is at the top of the mountain. Established in the town below this castle on the banks of the Nagara River, Juhachiro has more than 150 years of history. As a place to provide relaxation to tourists, Juhachiro continues to carve its name into the history books.
Since its establishment, Juhachiro endeavours to be a hotel liked by everyone. By placing importance on the relationship with each guest, Juhachiro has gained recognition and has received various awards such as the “Great Service Ryokan and Hotel Prize” from JTB, one of the largest travel agents in Japan.
Soak in a natural onsen with a high quality hot spring, dress in a yukata (a simple kimono) and enjoy carefully-prepared meals -- we welcome you with the best Japanese hospitality so that you can have a special time during your stay in Juhachiro.

Gifu City is located roughly halfway between Tokyo and Osaka.
From Gifu City, you can travel directly to Takayama City and Kanazawa City
-- both popular tourist cities -- without changing trains.
It takes 65 minutes from Chubu Centrair International Airport to
Meitetsu Gifu Station by a limited express train.
From Nagoya Station to Gifu Station,
it takes 20 minutes by train.
Juhachiro is located 20 minutes away from
Gifu Station by either bus or taxi.

Ukai, cormorant fishing, is a typical summer featured event in Gifu City. Do not miss a chance to watch “Ukai,” a traditional fishing method which has 1,300 years of history. You cannot watch “Ukai” anywhere else in Japan.