Juhachiro with hot-spring baths, located in Gifu, Japan. 2 hours from Tokyo by bullet train & rapid train. Juhachiro Japanese English 繁体中文 简体中文
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Seasonal Cuisine

You will have a wonderful time enjoying our beautiful dishes made with seasonal ingredients.


“Kaiseki” Japanese Banquet Dishes
About Kaiseki -- Traditional Japanese multi-course dinner Kaiseki was originally for a get-together where the main beverage was sake (Japanese rice wine). Nowadays, Kaiseki is served as a lunchtime or dinnertime menu at ryokans and Japanese restaurants. Our typical Kaiseki course includes at least 12 different dishes made with seasonal ingredients and local specialties cooked in various ways.
A bowl of steamed rice and a bowl of soup are generally
served as accompaniments.
Dessert is likely to be a piece of fruit, cake, ice cream, etc.
The entire course takes approximately one and
a half hours to eat.
Please take your time to enjoy our
authentic Japanese cuisine.

A Kaiseki meal to enjoy the taste of beautiful seasonal ingredients

A Kaiseki meal to enjoy the taste of beautiful seasonal ingredients

This is a full-course traditional Japanese ryokan kaiseki. The dishes are made in a special way to enhance the flavor of the seasonal local ingredients. By adding our original touches to the traditional dishes, we provide dishes which are both great to look at and to taste.

Seasonal Kaiseki Menu

Seasonal Kaiseki Menu

Shokuzenshu,’ Apéritif

Start with an apéritif or fruit vinegar.

‘Zensai,’ Apetizers

Our chef selects seasonal ingredients and carefully presents each small dish by taking the colors and shapes of the ingredients into consideration. These not only taste delicious but also look beautiful.


Carefully made from dried bonito broth, our clear soup has a very deep, elegant and rich flavor. The skillful orchestration of the various flavors will change your image of the traditional clear soup. Enjoy ‘*shinjo’ with seasonal ingredients and appreciate the essence of ‘umami,’ the soul of Japanese food.

* ‘Shinjo’ is a mixture of white fish paste formed into various shapes and steamed.


Fresh seafood served with condiments.

‘Yakimono’Grilled Dish

Seasonal local fish grilled and served with garnishes.

‘Futamono’Steamed Dish

Meat/fish steamed with vegetables.

‘Konro,’ Hot Pot

Juhachiro’s special shabu-shabu

First, add vegetables to the pot of bonito-flavored broth and simmer until soft. Dip a slice of Hida beef into the hot broth for a few seconds until it is medium rare. Enjoy the tender beef and healthy vegetables with the full- flavored broth.

Hida beef produced in Gifu Prefecture is one of the most famous beef brands in Japan.

‘Shinogi’Small Rice or Noodle Dish

‘Shokuji,’ Rice Dish

‘Tsukemono,’ Pickled Vegetables

‘Mizugashi,’ Dessert

We use seasonal ingredients. Therefore, the menu may be slightly different depending

on the availability of ingredients.

Thank you for your understanding.

Tour Boat Meals

A special meal is available for a limited time between May 11 and October 15. Enjoy meals while watching traditional cormorant fishing.

Tour Boat Meals

Tour Boat Meals

The meal available on the tourist boat for cormorant fishing is a Japanese meal served in a traditional bento box. The popular “Ayu Zosui” (rice soup with sweetfish) is our specialty.